THREE THIRTY TWENTY: The Confessions of a Zombie Savant
Part of the Autopsy of the Damned trilogy By Issa Ibrahim - issa (at)

“Coming from a Bohemian, artistic, suburban New York, bourgeoisie black family destroyed by recreational marijuana use, I offer to you my last day of freedom (though I am a prisoner of my own mind) and the subsequent 7,120 days of captivity that changed me and informs my current life. It is a life where I endured a spiritual death, reanimated and reborn through faith, hope, perseverance and chemistry. A man once damned but given a second chance and wiser for it, I am a zombie savant.”

‘Three Thirty Twenty’ is more than just the New York State Criminal Procedure Law section number for the Insanity Plea. It is a “how-to,” instructing those who dismissed the warnings of marijuana and the madness that ensues on what and what not to do to survive in the system. Mistakes are made repeatedly, however your not so humble tour guide through Hell offers an ass-backward education in being alive and surviving a damaging and traumatic life changing experience, savoring hard-won victories…the most important of which is release from an insane asylum after a near 20 year involuntary hospitalization.

Considering the rampant and improbable sexual activity that occurs during this odyssey, one would be tempted to rename these exploits ‘Don Juan in the Nuthouse.’ Discover how a physically robust twenty, then thirty, then forty-something African-American male, a sensitive artist and a lover, navigates the absolute lack of intimacy in an ultra-restrictive environment.

Sex becomes a subconscious but still necessary distraction from the omnipresent, overbearing truth and reality of the institutionalization and why it came to be, always lurking in the periphery. The storyteller is haunted, using his innate creativity to face down his demons, struggling for meaning and understanding of himself, his illness, and it’s tragic, unintended consequences.

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